Yoga schools in Rishikesh

The practice of Yoga is much more than attaining flexibility and strength in our physical bodies. According to Yoga Sutra narrated by Patanjali, there are 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. It begins with the practice of Yama and Niyama, which are the Morals and Ethics of an Individual. Elaborating on how the values and principles of an individual function as a compass for decision-making skills. The third limb is when the Asana practice is introduced. Movements of the physical body benefit the mind as well. Our mental and physical bodies are connected. When the mind is fluctuating the body feels its tremors.

The fourth limb is Pranayama, which is a breathing practice to expand the life force in the body. Pratyahara means withdrawal from the outer senses and focusing on the inner being. The fifth limb is Dharna, which means concentration. The ability to keep your mind focused on one subject while it tries to wander off is the practice of Dharna. Dhyana is meditation when the fluctuation of the mind finds a flow of concentration within when one can achieve Dhyana. The last limb is Samadhi where oneness with oneself is achieved. These eight limbs are described at length by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras. Hence proved that the practice of yoga is more of a mental practice than a physical one.

Yoga schools around Rishikesh work to eliminate the misconception about such theories of yoga which has been eluded with time. At a yoga school, experienced teachers are sharing their knowledge of yoga with its proper application in life. Such a proper structure of classes helps to understand the core value of yoga and its practices. A typical day at a yoga school begins early with Pranayama practices and asana practice which in itself is a healthy routine, to begin with. Which gets followed by breakfast of Sattvic food. To understand the origin of yoga, these schools have yoga philosophy classes and yoga anatomy to understand the basic mechanisms of the human body. After a specific amount of break, the evening is followed with another asana practice and a meditation session. Overall, this routine is set for a minimum of 25 days to help an individual get used to a lifestyle.

To achieve a healthy mind and body, it is important to train your mind with your body. The physical body benefits from Asana practice and Shatkarma practices but the mind benefits from Pranayama and Meditation practices which are known to be the most challenging of them all. At a yoga school, you are presented with an opportunity to give your mental and physical body a chance to venture out into the world of wellness. Inclusive of this, a yoga school at Rishikesh is a life-altering decision as the land itself is known to be the land of the gods (Dev bhumi), here is where the magnetic field around the river Ganga is known to be charismatic and of higher energy levels.

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