200 hours YTTC in Rishikesh

A 200 hours yoga teacher training course is taking one step forward at understanding the true essence of yoga and its practices. With time, multiple practices of yoga have found their way to delusion as distinctive perceptions started to introduce themselves. Modern-day yoga became a way to increase flexibility only. The practice of yoga became a practice of the physical body only. This misconception is targeted at yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh. A place where you find the opportunity to tap into your spiritual being by staying in the magnetic energy field of Rishikesh.

Yogic practices like Pranayama and Meditation have also found their way into myths. In today’s time meditation has bloomed itself into dynamic movements wherein reality the authentic practice of meditation requires to still the fluctuating mind. In yoga sutras given by Sage Patanjali, the definition of yoga is ‘Yogaschittvrittinirodha’, meaning, ‘the practice of yoga is to dissolve the fluctuation of the mind.’ Modern-day youth find it difficult to sit in one place for a longer period. Everybody is looking for an opportunity to constantly move and not be satisfied with what they achieve in life. This lifestyle affects the physical body and the mental body.

The dissolution of the thoughts in our mind is achievable through eight stages according to Sage Patanjali. It begins with self-discipline and values of Yama and Niyama and moves forward to Asana practice which is the physical body practice, which in recent times is all that yoga is about. The fourth stage is Pranayama, the fifth is Pratyahara (detachment towards senses of various kind), sixth is when the concentrations practices of Dharna is introduced to help us dissolve the mental fluctuation. Seventh is where those concentration practices of Dharna find stability to Dhyana and the final stage is Samadhi, which is known to be self-realisation. This journey described by Patanjali is what is introduced and practised at a 200 hours yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh.

With Pranayama and Meditation practices included in the routine throughout the course, an individual can work on their mental body with the physical practices of asana. Myths about the concept of yoga are cleared during this month-long course in Rishikesh. For existing practitioners, a 200-hour course is a way to find true alignment for their yogic journey concurrent with aspiring practitioners who find the correct path to walk on for their yogic journey.

The reason why Rishikesh is known to be the Yoga capital of the world is that the magnetic field around the land of Rishikesh has been purified according to scriptures by Munis and Rishis thousands of years ago. Through their practice of yoga, pure positive energy circulates the river Ganga. This energy draws the hidden joy and bliss out of an individual’s body to help them stay connected to who they are or who they wish to be.

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